Periodontal Therapy

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Often, the focus in dentistry is on your teeth, and the various problems associated with them, but it’s also important to remember that your gums are a vital part of good oral health. The Longview dental practice of Vaca & Kirby is committed to ensuring that we take care of more than just your teeth.

Periodontal health has been proven to contribute to overall health. Periodontal disease is an infection that affects the tissues and bone that supports teeth. This disease is directly associated with heart disease and even pancreatic cancer.

More people experience tooth loss related to periodontal disease than tooth decay. Risk factors for periodontal disease include: poor homecare, smoking, hormonal changes in girls and women, diabetes, stress, medications, illnesses, genetic susceptibility. Periodontal disease treatment is an important part of a dental routine.

With routine dental visits, good homecare, and a balanced diet, periodontal disease can be maintained and altogether prevented. Our staff is committed to promoting and helping you maintain the best possible oral health for you and your entire family at our Longview, TX dental office.

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